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1.0     Definitions

1.1    The association shall be called The Friends of Balls Park Residents Association      (the Association)

1.2    The ‘Owners’ shall mean City & Country and their successors.

1.3     Residents shall mean the owners of freehold and leasehold properties within Balls Park.

2.0     Objectives of the Association are to:

2.1    Advance community cohesion.

2.2    To represent the majority view of residents on all matters of common interest.

2.3    Consult with the Owners and/or the Managing Agent on matters concerning the operation, management and development of Balls Park.

2.4     Preserve and improve, where required, the amenities enjoyed by the residents.

2.5     Employ, on behalf of the residents, any expertise or professional services that become necessary to meet the above objectives.

2.6     Do such other things, ancillary to the above objectives, as may seem desirable to the Association.

3.0     Membership

3.1     ‘Full Members’ shall be those residents with paid up subscriptions.

3.2     Only one vote per residence will be given.

3.3     Only ‘Full Members’ shall be allowed to vote at any general meetings of the Association.

4.0     Committee and Officers

4.1     The committee shall consist of up to 8 members who shall be elected by the members of the Association.

4.2     The committee shall elect a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

4.3     The secretary shall keep and make available for inspection, when requested to do so by a member:

  • a record of all business transacted at the AGM.
  • copies of all written and notes of all oral communications with the Owners, the Managing Agent and any third parties with copies of all replies received.

4.4     At each general meeting (AGM) all committee members shall resign but shall be deemed to be re-elected (if willing) in the absence of other nominations.

5.0     Annual General Meeting

5.1     An AGM shall be held in November each year at a date to be notified to members at least 14 days before the meeting.

          5.2     The purpose of the Annual General Meeting shall be to:

  • Receive a report from the Chairperson of the previous year’s activities and issues
  • Receive a financial statement.
  • Discuss matters relevant to the Friends of Balls Park Residents Association
  • Determine subscription rates for the following year
  • Consider amendments to the constitution
  • Elect committee members

6.0     Special General Meeting

6.1     A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or at the request of 20 members.    

7.0     Finance

7.1     Funds shall be deposited with a recognised bank and held in the name of ‘Friends of Balls Park’.

          7.2     All cheques shall be signed by two of the three designated signatories.

          7.3     The committee is not authorised to incur any overdraft.

          7.4     The financial year shall end on 31st September?

7.5     Any money raised by, or on behalf of the Association shall be used to further the Association’s objectives.

7.6     The accounts shall be subject to independent scrutiny/or audit.

8.0     Subscriptions

8.1     The subscription year shall date from 1st January to 31st December.

8.3     Subscriptions received between 1st November and 31st December shall be carried forward to the following year.

9.0     Indemnity

9.1     The members of the Association shall indemnify the officers of the Association and the committee members against all liability incurred by them in good faith on behalf of and in the name of the Association acting within their authority.

10.0   Dissolution  

10.1   The association may be dissolved if the number of full members falls below 50% of the number of residences in Balls Park.

10.2   This decision may be taken by the committee and shall be passed by at least two thirds of the members present at the special general meeting to be called for this purpose.