Friends of Balls Park
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Welcome to the Members Page

Members Concerns 

There are many issues for the Friends of Balls Park to solve on a helpful and positive basis. If we have failed to mention one of your concerns please send an e-mail. Once the association is formed with a mandate to act and speak on behalf of all residents a list of detailed issues and concerns with possible solutions must be prioritised, published and then solved. This is how the lifestyle of the Balls Park community will be enhanced. 

A code of practice or rules of use for Balls Park open areas should be formulated and published which residents and visitors can adhere to. Some specific issues are: visitor parking (including trade vehicles), barbecues, dog fouling, games, horse riding, litter, off road driving, school drop off and care of the environment. 

Terms of reference and plans of the Encore Estate Management Company together with the current names, structure, relationship and intention of the three dormant management companies should be made available. Improvement of communication with a defined reporting and logging system would minimise frustration in the resolution of concerns and disputes. Some specific issues are: lift servicing, sewage spill, fountain and street lighting and window cleaning. 

What are the roles of City and Country, Explore Living (or successor) and Encore in the completion of the Balls Park development and open areas. It is essential there is an agreed action plan including a map showing the extent of their responsibilities and those of the residents of Balls Park. 

Some specific issues are: definition and protection of boundaries (particularly the camping and caravanning site), checking compliance with planning consents, completion of landscaping, tree maintenance and planting, ecological assessment of the front and rear pond (Canal), unsatisfactory entrance/exit gate reliability. 

The planned expansion programme at Simon Balle School appears inevitable. Some specific issues are: boundaries and landscaping, school drop off within Balls Park, accumulation of litter near to the Red Lodge gatehouse and access road. 

Planning permission for Hertford Golf Course. Some specific issues are: frequency of lorry movements, and ecological impacts of soil contaminants on adjoining land. 

Opportunities for recreation and community activities: ecology/heritage groups, practical conservation projects, social events. 

Review our relationship with organisations interested in Balls Park such as English Heritage, Hertford Civic Society, Hertfordshire County Council who might contribute to the care and upkeep of the park.