Minutes of FoBP Committee Meeting 5th July 2017

Present Ian Groombridge – Secretary
Alan Martin – Treasurer
Donald Hale – Henmarsh Court
Peter Jones – Willis Grove

1 Balls Park Apartments Management Company
A meeting of MCS/Care Group personnel and ‘Liaison Officers’ will be organised at a convenient time. The ‘liaison officers’ are of the opinion that MCS/CareGroup continue to deliver a good service.


2 Balls Park Residents Company
A Directors meeting took place on 26th April, the next meeting is scheduled for 18th July.

Subsequent to several site visits by Steven Hunter, 28 items are now listed for action on the Estate. Ace Landscapes have provided quotations for work to be undertaken on verge posts, road repairs, and signage, which have been accepted. At present, Encore expects the Estate costs to stay within the agreed budget for 2017. Several Service Charge contributions for the Estate remain outstanding. These include 21 Henmarsh Court residents, mainly due to wrong billing by Encore.

The GARDEN COMMITTEE submitted various schemes and recommendations for the Estate. The committee were requested to forward to the Directors fully – costed terms of references for their approval.

Algae removal from the front pond by an external contractor has been unsuccessful. The exercise created an algae free pond for about two weeks, thereafter the algae returned. The problem relates to decaying leaf litter, that provides nutrients for the algal blooms.

The proposed residents’ survey to gauge residents opinions and wishes on the management of the Estate will be re – considered at the next Directors meeting.    

3 Henmarsh Court

  1. a) High winds on 23rd February caused lead flashing on the roof apex to peel, on three sections of the East Wing, and one section of the North Wing.

NHBC are still debating acceptance and responsibility. The Director has asked for all the East Wing lead flashing to be replaced by an adhesively bonded capping. 


  1. b) In the Courtyard Garden, Agapanthuses and Dahlias have been planted, and four Rose trees replaced. Tulip and Allium bulbs shall be planted, October to December. Colour enhancement is necessary, while maintaining the overall symmetry.


  1. c) In relation to the internal redecoration, ’Liaison Officers’ submitted a brief report to Care Group, on the workmanship, and recommendations for the first and second floor redecoration. The Director is meeting MCS/Care Group personnel for discussions on the external redecoration of Henmarsh Court. Care Group cannot undertake the redecoration. MCS have asked two established and trusted, local decorating companies, to provide quotations. There is about £10000 to spend, consistent with Section 20 Notification.

4 The Canal
The Canal water level is relatively low, and is being monitored. A more stable measuring post has been installed. In general, signage within the Canal area is not recommended, even so, there may be restrictions to protect wildlife. Encore’s legal department will be asked to comment on the validity of signage and consider the legal position regarding the rights of residents, and the public using the Estate. The Definitive Map is the legal record of the public Rights of Way.


Next Meeting  Wednesday 18th October, 7:30 pm, Venue TBD